Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is the unique art of removing dents without painting or expensive body work. Most repairs done same day.

Headlight Restoration

Restore lens to factory clarity, remove minor scratches, uv protection.

Windshield Repair

Stop those chips and minor cracks from spreading across your windshield and avoid replacement.


Sprayless touch-up prevents chipped paint or bare metal from rusting. And greatly improves the apperance of you vehicle.


Remove odors from the interior of your vehicle and restore that new car freshness.

Control Button Repair

Some Control buttons wear down over time and can be reconditioned without replacing the button.

Plastic Black Outs

Black plastic parts on the outside of your vehicle can fade or oxidize from  the weather or sun. We can restore it !



E-mail or send picture text of damage for free estimate.

Major Credit Cards Accepted